The Barnes Farming Way

The Barnes Farming Way


The Barnes Farming Way has been around for decades.  Originally begun by Carson and Maxine Barnes, and now continuing on with John Barnes, it is not just about how we manage our organization, but also about our relationships with others and the beliefs and standards that drive us.


It begins with our vision and our values and also encompasses how we learn, develop and grow as individuals, a team and as an organization. This affects us now, as well as who we become over the next several years.  It causes us to choose who to hire and who to promote.  It determines the choices we make regarding our products and interactions with customers, suppliers and regulators.  


While the behaviors may look different depending on whether we are in the field or in the office, The Barnes Farming Way is a consistent approach to a changing world.


Below is a summary of how our organization views, teaches and reinforces The Barnes Farming Way:


•Act with integrity

•Maintain company information internally for confidentiality

•Teamwork and Communication: help others get the job done the right way

•Mentor others: Share skills and knowledge to help develop others

•Be mutually accountable for your actions and the actions of those around you

•Take responsibilities seriously and diligently accomplish tasks with attention to detail

•Give and take criticism in a constructive manner 

•Be flexible in re-prioritizing tasks

•Be technically competent and fully prepared 

•Use experience and knowledge to do your job in a timely and efficient manner

•Consistently follow all directions from your management

•Notice and take action on issues before they become major problems

•Be willing to take a stance when it is the right thing to do



Not only does Barnes Farming Corporation want to become an innovative leader in agriculture in the southeastern United States, but we also want to be known as a first-rate workplace. The Barnes Farming Way elevates the company and every individual as we give our best while striving for growth and continuous improvement every day.


The Barnes Farming Way is our way and it is a way that is solid, but is also ever changing with the demands that staying the BEST requires!




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